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Overview of St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia is a small archipelago of islands in the Caribbean. Despite its small size, St Lucia attracts millions of tourists. This massive inflow of tourists has resulted in a huge development of tourism infrastructure and facilities. The local government has understood the importance of equal treatment of both families and romantic couples. This realization has resulted in equal tourism opportunities for both groups.

Family Holidays In St Lucia

As mentioned earlier, St Lucia is known for its great family holiday options. There is a huge expanse of white sandy beaches offers numerous opportunities of swimming, scuba diving, and surfing, among other activities. For children, many amusement parks and fun lands having all the modern rides and gadgets can be easily found. The video gaming zones – one of the most favorite pastimes of children – are also present in every major hotel as well as major tourist resorts.

Two types of family holidays are available in St Lucia:

o Family Holidays with younger kids

This type of family holiday is geared towards those parents who have younger kids and want a safe and comfortable holiday at a nice place. This nice place is St Lucia as it is known for a family atmosphere without any hassle or hazards. Young kids can enjoy the rides in the amusement park or fun land and can also take a dip in the swimming pools under the supervision of their parents.

o Family Holidays with older kids

Older kids are not easy to manage and can pose serious problems for their parents. As they are grown up, they want some great entertainment and fun opportunities, and they are not easily satisfied with anything. Fortunately, St-Lucia offers some options to these kids. The video gaming portals and teenager hangouts are present in St-Lucia that can allow these teenagers to have a good time. Additionally, teenage kids can easily enjoy some adult sports like surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving. They can also go to hiking trips and explore the culture of the islands.

St Lucia Holidays for couples

A great romantic holiday in St-Lucia is the dream of countless honeymooners. The lure of beaches, great nightlife and exotic hotels catches the imagination of the romantic birds. Interestingly, St Lucia was initially a total romantic destination with very little opportunities for a family holiday. Although it now caters to a sizable number of families, the old glory of romantic escapades still lingers on.

A romantic holiday in St-Lucia encompasses many things. The first and foremost choice of every visiting couple is to find a relatively segregated place on the beach to spend some great time lazing in the sun. Many places off the main tourist area are there that are not much crowded and one can enjoy a great time. Additionally, many hotels and resorts offer the facility of private beaches accompanied by private beach villas, among other things.