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7 Most Popular Kitchen Knives

Chef’s Knives:

The chef knife is one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen today. It can be used to accomplish many different tasks such as slicing, dicing and mincing. This knife comes in many different sizes and material to compliment specific culinary needs.

Paring Knives:

This knife is indispensable for smaller kitchen tasks such as pealing, trimming and slicing fruits and vegetables and its short blade is great for detailed work that a busy cook or chef needs to get the job done. The most popular lengths for the paring knife is 3 ½ inches and 4 ½ inches.

Bread Knives:

The long-serrated blade on this knife is the most recognized sign of a bread knife. The knife is popular for cutting all kinds of breads without smashing or tearing. Besides cutting bread and great use is cutting tomatoes and citrus fruits. The scalloped edge in the knife blade produce exceptionally smooth cuts. The blade always retains its sharpness because it never touches the cutting board.

Santoku Knives:

This is one knife gaining a lot of popularity. It combines the features of a clever and chef knife. Being a multipurpose knife, it does everything from slicing to dicing. The extra width and weight of this blade give it the strength to power through a whole chicken or a hard block of cheese. This knife is also great for cutting, scooping and chopping from a cutting board.

Carving Knives:

This knife is used for slicing cooked meats poultry and fish. It has a long thin blade that enables it to cut meat into thick or thin slices. Many features developed into the blade of this knife is its reduced friction and non stick surface.

Utility Kitchen Knives:

This is a knife that no kitchen should be without. It is smaller than a chef knife but longer than a paring knife. This knife excels in common everyday tasks from cutting meat to sandwiches. The most popular sizes being between 5 inches and 7 inches. To compliment this knife even more some come with a serrated edge.

Boning Knives:

The narrow inward curve on this knife gives precision control when removing meat and poultry from the bone thus giving its name. The boning knife does what it says it will do. You can find this knife at any Butcher in America.

As you can see different types of knives have unique advantages for various situations. With so many knives available, choosing the right one for your culinary situations can greatly improve your efficiency in the kitchen.