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Jersey Channel Islands a Ghostly Place to Visit

Look out for ghosts in Jersey.

There are many tales of ghosts in Jersey Channel Islands, so here are a handful of the more famous ones for you to read.

At Devils Hole in St Mary eerie noises of the sea being sucked in and blown out by the rock formation have been heard by many people, the original devil sculpture there was believed to be the figurehead from a wrecked ship. It is one place I wouldn’t want to spend the night alone and I am no chicken.

The Black Dog of Bouley Bay has been seen by untold people over the years, some of them friends of mine who I honestly believe did see this Black dog. When you see the black dog of Bouley Bay you just know that there will be a storm. Three of my friends told me they had seen the black dog on the day of the Great Storm in October of 1987 before the storm started to break, go figure!

I personally saw a big bay horse galloping around in the Grounds of St Ouen’s Manor when driving home one night, I phoned them at the manor and told them they had a loose horse in their grounds, but was told not to worry as lots of people had seen this horse, and that it was the ghost horse of Philippe de Carteret who the French were trying to kill when they occupied the island for a few years in the 1460’s. Apparently when escaping the French on one occasion this horse jump a lane that was twenty-two feet wide, but as he got nearer to home the horse fell dead under him. He was so grateful to the horse for helping him escape the enemy, that he had it buried in his own garden. Since then this horse has often been seen in the grounds of St Ouen’s Manor.

Between Gorey Castle and Anne Port in St Martin lies Geoffrey’s leap. Now this Geoffrey committed some crime, although no one seems to know what it was, his punishment was to be thrown from the cliff into the sea to drown at what is now know of as Geoffrey’s leap. Crowds gathered to watch the event. Geoffrey was thrown into the sea by the executioner and then swam back to shore uninjured. People were was at odds as to if he should be thrown back in or not, and the idiot got fed up and leaped back in to settle the matter, only this time he hit the rocks and killed himself, it is said that some have seen the shadow of a man at dusk jumping off Geoffrey’s leap and believe it to be Geoffrey. Who knows?

All I know is I have seen many strange things in the island myself, and the place is well known for its heritage and long line of witches. Especially The Jersey family Cabot line: Of course the line also continues in Jersey to this day.