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Explore the Best of India in a Day Tour

India has always been the most exotic destination for tourists. India enables its tourists to explore the most alluring features that it comprises within its territory. From wildlife sanctuaries to heritage, India has been exceptionally prosperous in terms of tourist attractions. India affirms to be a power packed package that let its travelers witness the glorious charm in full bloom. From Varanasi, where the banks of the river Ganges rejoices with the holy Ghats, to the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho; India is an epitome of magnificence.

There are innumerable destinations, in India, that are decorated with natural as well as manmade wonders. India comprises extensive wealth that can’t be experienced in a single visit. There are some must-visit places which are merged together for travelers. These merged destinations can be explored within a day or two. These are specially tailored tours for travelers that have less time for excursions in India. These short trips are also known as day tours. These day tours include some landmark destinations of India. The travelers enjoy some day exploration in the prime cities and destinations.

India, as a diverse nation, has various aspects and this package will enable you to witness India’s different colours in a single trip. These day trips include every possible shade of India, from the romantic city of Udaipur to Agra-the city carrying the symbol of true love. An expedition of the cultural heritage in Jaipur and Jodhpur with a rustic backdrop is just perfect for your short holidays. A day trip, to enjoy the modernization in metro cities like Delhi-Mumbai, is something very exhilarating in India. These day tours will accommodate you to experience India’s true soul and its unique culture through the most remarkable cities.

The day tour focuses on the cities where the culture merges with the traditions. Such destinations let the travelers witness a sheer lifestyle which is dotted with Indian origin and customs. The tour would be replete with vistas like the golden stretch of sand in the desert or architectural monuments. The elegant cities that comprise the magnificent sculptures, exquisitely carved caves and temples are a delight to explore. Such features, since ages, exist in Indian Territory which adds four moons to the beauty of India. Some of the prime cities that are covered in these day tours are mentioned below for your assistance.

Agra in a Day: it is the most desired destination in India. Agra comprises some elegant edifices. One of these edifices is the grand monument of the world – Taj Mahal. It is globally famed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it affirms to be a must-visit site of India. Other prime monuments are Fatehpur Sikri and Agra fort which marks India’s culture and heritage. All of this and some other alluring features of Agra are included in this day tour to Agra.

Essential Delhi: Delhi can be considered as a replica of India. The whole country is reflected in this elegant capital city. It is a must visit destination to endure the sheer spirit of India. Delhi comprises both the contemporary and ancient marvels to allure it visitors.