- Diving

Basic Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba diving equipment is needed to make visiting the underwater world a safe and comfortable experience. Scuba gear helps you in transitioning from a terrestrial to a marine being. The basic requirements while diving under water are a clear vision, ability to swim and ability to breathe. In addition to these, you also need to maintain your body at a comfortable temperature.

Let us now see some of the basic scuba diving equipment:

1. Scuba:

It is a Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This enables the diver to move freely under water. He can breathe independent of the surface supply under water. This apparatus basically consists of scuba tanks which are high-pressure cylinders which hold high volumes of compressed air.

2. Exposure Protection:

When diving underwater, the diver needs protection from water and protection from scraping/ cutting, etc. This is provided by Wet suit, Dry suit, and Body Suit.

3. Diving Mask:

A diving mask is an important part of scuba diving gear. You should select a mask that fits well. This is because the mask is responsible for providing a clear vision under water.

4. Diving Fins:

Fins selected should be those which are specifically meant for scuba diving purposes only. These will help you and your gear move effortlessly.

5. Dive Computer:

A dive computer considers the depth and time information. Using this data in a decompression model, it tracks the level of dissolved nitrogen in your body during the dive. On this basis, it can tell you how much safe dive time is remaining.

6. Regulator:

It is a device that regulates the amount of air that reaches you from your scuba tank. This makes your breathing comfortable.

7. Buoyancy Compensating Device:

It is a device that gives you complete control of movement under water. You might want to kneel, stand at the bottom or just drift along. A buoyancy control device enables you to take any position underwater comfortably.

8. Scuba Diving Accessories:

Some of the popular accessories that divers use are dive knives, underwater lights, whistles, surface marker buoys, etc. For underwater signaling tank bangers and water slates are used.

9. Weight System:

For a smooth descent in water, a scuba diver needs a weight system. A weight system also aids in regulating buoyancy of underwater.

Scuba diving gear may be rented or purchased. However, it is a good idea to purchase the mask, suit, and fins. This is because it is necessary that the mask fits perfectly to ensure a good vision underwater. Fins also need to be of the proper size. A dry suit/ wet suit/ body suit should be purchased for a good fit as well as hygienic reasons.

Once you have procured your complete scuba gear, you are ready for diving.