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Grand Canyon Helicopters Are Great for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so you need to find a unique way to celebrate with your sweetie. Why not book a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon? What a fun experience you can share, but you’ll have to book your flight as soon as you can.

Helicopter Tours From Vegas

All the Grand Canyon helicopters that depart from Vegas go to the West Rim. The flight will give you about 45 minutes of scenic viewing on the way to the canyon. These tours are available as air-only options, or landing tours where you can add on other fun adventures. The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are in the flight path from Vegas to the West Rim, so you get a fabulous bird’s eye view of these famous landmarks too.

The air-only tour is a great option if you don’t have all day to spend at the canyon. It costs less too. The landing tours are a lot of fun though, because you get to see the canyon up close. They are very popular and highly recommended.

A perfect landing tour for Valentine’s Day is the one that includes a champagne picnic on the bottom of the canyon. That tour can also be upgraded to include a relaxing and scenic boat ride down the Colorado River. You’ll find many tour packages available, and you can’t make a wrong choice, since they are all amazing to experience.

Deluxe Tour Upgrade

The deluxe flight package makes Valentine’s Day even more romantic. You and your sweetheart will receive complementary transportation to and from your hotel in a limousine, plus, you’ll get an amazing aerial view of the Vegas Strip.

These deluxe tours also fly on the EcoStar 130 helicopters. They are designed specifically for sightseeing. The ride is very comfortable thanks to the aerodynamic engineering, and since the seats are comfy bucket stadium-style seats, plus the view is spectacular through the 180 wraparound windshield.

South Rim Helicopter Tours

The South Rim chopper tours give you thirty or fifty minutes of air time. While the shorter tour is fantastic, taking the longer tour is a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So book the longer tour if possible. This air tour flies over 75 percent of the Grand Canyon National Park, including the amazing Dragoon Corridor. That’s the dramatic portion of the park where the canyon is deepest and widest. You’ll see many amazing sights and romantic scenery on this tour.

Another great tour option at the South Rim is to take the shorter helicopter flight and add on a Jeep tour of the canyon. When your flight is over, you hop on a Jeep and enjoy a three-hour ride through the park. You’ll really enjoy this tour because you can see the canyon from the air and from the ground too. It’s a great way to treat your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Check The Weather Forecast

It’s cold at the canyon during the month of February. Check the weather for the rim you intend to visit, so you can dress to stay warm. The West Rim weather is similar to the weather in Las Vegas, but the weather at the South Rim is colder, and you may even run into snow there. So if you plan to tour the South Rim, you definitely want to be prepared to bundle up so you don’t get too cold.

Wrapping Up

Valentine’s Day, February 14, is on Saturday this year, so it is the perfect time to take a Grand Canyon getaway. An air tour of one of the most beautiful places on earth is a romantic way to celebrate the occasion. The champagne tour of the West Rim is a good tour package to consider. Going to the South Rim is a good choice too, and the best tours there are the longer air tour, or the shorter air tour with the Jeep excursion upgrade.