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Day Trips to Take on Holidays in St Lucia

Many tourists only see St. Lucia briefly as part of a cruise. While this is of course a great way to see the Caribbean and a wonderful experience, it is also a shame that these people miss out on all the other things that St. Lucia has to offer. There are a wealth of possible day trips for you to take on your St. Lucia holiday, and the island could easily offer plenty of distractions for a full holiday, quite apart from its pristine sandy beaches and perfect tropical climate. Here are just some of the possible day trips you could take:

• A catamaran sail around the coastline of the island is the best way to truly appreciate the awe inspiring volcanic coastline of St. Lucia. The boat is fully crewed and offers a luxurious cruise, so you can just sit back and enjoy the world going by. There is nothing quite like the sight of the Pitons, the island’s trademark peaks from the deck of a boat on the open Caribbean. The tour may also allow you to stop and snorkel at one of St. Lucia’s many beautiful bays and reefs – an option well worth dedicating time to on its own.

• A trip to Soufriere is an absolute must on your St. Lucia holiday. This is the site of the Pitons and offers the incredible opportunity to drive into an actual volcano and see real sulphur springs. While you’re in the area, you should also visit the Botanical Gardens. This beautiful national park lets you see a rich variety of tropical flowers, many native to the Caribbean as well as some even more exotic varieties.

• A zip line tour of the rainforest is just as exciting as it sounds. Everybody wants to see the tropical forests when they visit the Caribbean, but how many get the chance to experience them like this? Up to fifty feet above the forest floor, you really get a sense of what life is like in the jungle canopy!

• For the more sedate, a nature walk might be the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of the interior of St. Lucia. A guided tour of the rainforest will let you see the diverse plant and wild life this island has to offer, and for the hardy there is the option of ascending the Pitons. This provides breathtaking panoramic views in every direction and is well worth the effort involved in getting there.