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The Romance of a Jamaica Honeymoon

If you are trying to decide where to go for your post wedding trip a honeymoon in Jamaica is one of the best places to choose for those days of romance and bliss. Jamaica, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea known for its scenery and amazing weather is one of the most gorgeous and romantic tropical honeymoon spots in the world. Going off to secluded lagoons, lying on pristine white beaches, watching the coconut fronds wave in the breeze are just some moments unique to a Jamaica honeymoon.

Jamaica has everything a newlywed couple needs to start their life together; steel drums, clear blue Caribbean waters, soft breezes, warm sand, and a slow island pace. It is lush, mountainous and offers plenty of adventure and honeymoon hideaways where any couple can spend intimate moments away from it all.

There is no lack of adventure to be found on this beautiful island, even if it is nothing more then spending time doing nothing together. While the tropical beaches and warm tropical waters are the main draw there is more to this island paradise then that. Ghostly Grotto Lake, which is underground and only accessible by boat, is a favorite spot amongst the honeymoon set. For the more adventurous there is cliff jumping into pools of warm water or the opportunity to swim through underwater caves.

For the couple that is more interested in the night life and enjoying the sight and sounds of a city then Montego Bay is the place. It is a large resort city with a nightlife that just never quits. You can be on the beach with a cold drink in your hand in less then an hour after getting off the plane if you choose to stay in this vibrant tropical city.

If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere then check into the resorts around the Negril area of the island. Negril is a laid back resort town with some of the most beautiful sunsets to be found. This sleepy tropical town also has a good nightlife and shopping to keep even the most avid of shoppers happy.

Unquestionably, on you Jamaica honeymoon you and your new spouse will have a lifetime experience because a trip to this tropical island is loaded with all kinds of pleasant surprises. A honeymoon in Jamaica will allow you to enjoy each other in a beautiful setting as your life together begins.